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Natalie Loves Peace
13th-Feb-2014 09:18 am
You Are 'Ironic' by Alanis Morissette

You are very observant and in tune with the world around you. You like to think about human nature.
You are a natural storyteller, and you love to hear what others have to say. You think ordinary lives are fascinating.

You don't get too upset if your day, week, or month doesn't go well. That's just how life is sometimes.
You believe that everything balances out in the end. You'll take the good with the bad and the sweet with the sour.

You Experience Love Intellectually

For you, love is something you think about and make sense of. You don't love blindly.
When you love someone, it has to be the right person and the right timing. Your mind falls before your heart.

You are looking for a connection and compatibility in love. You like to get to know someone completely and totally.
You aren't a perfectionist, but you are looking to protect your heart. You know what you want and need.

You Are a Dark Wash

You are very stylish and put together. You never look sloppy, even if you're wearing jeans.
You are polished in all aspects in your life. You like to put forth a little more effort in order to make things perfect.

You are a bit of a minimalist. You don't have a lot of room for clutter in your life; you focus on what matters.
You are a big believer in quality. You are always willing to spend more time and money to save money and time later.

Your Beauty Color is Black

You find beauty in the most unconventional of places, and you even sometimes see beauty in darkness.
You think complexity is beautiful, especially when it involves an element of mystery or the unknown.

It's even likely that most conventionally beautiful things aren't that beautiful to you. You are able to find something 'ugly' beautiful in its own way.
Beauty challenges you and makes you think. You like to look beyond the surface to see what's unique and special.

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